Vision of Asemaneh Sazan Narenjestan

Based on the best values in the construction industry and strive We want to be one of the top groups in creating value in this industry and related sectors.

In this perspective, we are looking for:

۱. Dynamics and innovation in the management and implementation of investment and construction projects:
By using modern technologies and new methods, we have become a dynamic organization always at the forefront of development and progress.

۲. Active participation in national development and creating social productivity:
Our plans and projects are directed towards improving the country’s economy and development, which benefits the society and the nation.

۳. Satisfying customers and partners:
By providing quality services and diverse projects, our goal is to satisfy customers and partners to be recognized as reliable partners.

۴. Achieving the satisfaction of members and employees:
As a united and motivating team, we try to create a dynamic and developing work environment for our members and employees so that everyone can proudly move toward the company’s goals.

We at Asemaneh Sazan Narenjestan seek to improve industrial standards and provide the best services to society.