The 60 Units Royal Terrace residential complex in Pardis

Royal Terrace residential complex

In final phase

The 60-unit project of Royal Terrace is privately owned and has a beautiful design and a great view of the beautiful city of Pardis in the form of a concrete skeleton on 9 floors with 4 elevator lines and a conference hall.

Current status of project is in delivery phase

Client: Asemaneh Sazan Narenjestan

Consultant: Mr. Mahdi Hamzeh Nezhadi, Mr. Omid Shams

Units Number: 60 Units in two blocks

Built up area: 14000 Square meter

Location: Pardis phase 2

Project Started Date:   1399 Spring

Project Finished Date: 1402 winter

Unique features of Royal Terrace residential complex

Stepback building method

In the Royal Terrace project, we have implemented one of the latest and most special designs in the world by using the latest technologies and the new designs of the Asemaneh Sazan Narenjestan team.
The team of Asemaneh Sazan Narenjestan has created beautiful and unique spaces in the Royal Terrace project with the thought and taste of their architects and designers. Modern designs and global artistic trends have turned this building into a work of art with advanced designs.
With the help of these new technologies and designs, the Royal Terrace project has provided residents with a place to stay and a unique and advanced architectural experience.

Combination of opened and closed space

The intelligent combination of open and closed space by the terraces in the Royal Terrace project has made this building a unique example of combining architectural art with space design. By creating harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces, these terraces provide the residents of this project with the possibility of a luxurious and desirable life.
By creating terraces in the right places, residents can enjoy the natural landscape around them. This connection to the environment and natural scenery strengthens the feeling of relaxation and connection with nature.
Terraces play an important role as open spaces for social activities and family or friendly gatherings. These spaces are suitable places to share good moments with other residents.

Usage of first class material

The usage of first-class materials in the Royal Terrace project is completely effective and impressive, which improves the quality of the building and creates a distinct and luxurious atmosphere.
First-class materials in the construction of the Royal Terrace project have been provided using high-strength materials. This feature increases the strength of the building, and resistance to external forces, and environmental factors.
First-class materials are produced with high standards in terms of resistance to pressures, shocks, and temperature changes. This feature makes the building durable and long-term.
First-class materials have been added to the beauty and precise design of the Royal Terrace project due to the accuracy and quality of production. These materials are used as beautiful elements and have given glory and prestige to the space.

Combined facade of stone and brick

The combined facade of stone and brick in the Royal Terrace project is an exceptional initiative that gives this project a special beauty and character. This intelligent combination of two expensive and high-quality materials has been designed in a way that has created diverse works of art and created a different and luxurious atmosphere.
The combined facade of stone and brick in the Royal Terrace project, inspired by the history of Iranian art and architecture, gives the building a special beauty and cultural value. This choice of materials reminds me of traditional beauty and old arts.
The combination of stone and brick as the main materials of the facade adds a beautiful variety to the space and at the same time makes the building strong and stable. The facade creates a dynamic and beautiful design with various colors, combinations, and patterns.

Site mobilization

building structure

building shell





Latest news and updates from Royal Terrace

رویال تراسه
Royal terrace

The 60-unit Royal Terrace project is in the delivery phase and it is proudly announced that the construction process is almost finished and is ready to be delivered to the esteemed customers.
With significant progress in the execution stages, the Royal Terrace project is approaching the final delivery phase of the units and entering the operation phase. This project was carried out in coordination between the engineering, management, and construction teams and is recognized as an outstanding example of successful implementation in the field of construction.